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Congratulations to SEAOG member Sarah Appleton, PE, SE of Wallace Engineering on her election to the National Council of Structural Engineers Assocations (NCSEA) Board of Directors.

NCSEA supports the 44 Structural Engineers Associations across the country in a variety of ways, including:

  • providing educational programming to help SEs build both technical and non-technical skills
  • support local efforts to influence states to adopt consistent licensing laws and rules in the interest of public safety
  • empower SEs to exert positive influence on the development and applicaiton of relevants codes and standards
  • connecting SEs with one another through committee work:
    • Communications
    • Basic Education
    • Continuing Education
    • Publications
    • Resilience
    • Emergency Response
    • Engagement and Equity
    • Summit 
    • Sustainable Design
    • Licensure
    • Young Member Group Support


Interested in getting involved?Visit http://www.ncsea.com/committees/


SEAOG will be taking the summer off from programing. Look for more communication in August regarding our fall schedule. 

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Upcoming Events

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Parking Decks and Buildings (LIVE) Wednesday, May 12, 12-1:30pm

Join us for a live webinar on the "Precast/Prestressed Concrete Parking Decks and Buildings" presented by Angela San Martin, PE from Metromont Corporation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Look at what types of projects can be precast.
  • Discuss what total precast really means.
  • Look at a few architectural options for precast.
  • Look at many standard connection details and members for precast structures.
  • Discuss what role the precaster plays on a project and how they work with the design team.
  • Discuss what exactly a field topped system is vs a factory topped system.


Angela first came to Metromont in 2000, only 3 months after graduating from Clemson with an MSCE. Having spent six years in engineering, 2 years in project management and 12 years in sales and business development, Angela has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to precast. And for their customers, it makes the world of difference. Angela is proud to be a part of the Metromont family and to have a hand in the quality work they produce. When she’s not helping clients with their latest precast project, giving lunch and learn presentations to architects or involved in charity events, she loves to run, do triathlons and spend time with her family.  

Cost is free to members and students.  Cost is $20 for non-members ($15 earlybird rate for registration prior to May 5).

After registering for the event, you will receive a separate email from “SEAOG Webinar” the week of the event with a confirmation and instructions for joining the webinar.  Please check your spam folder if you have trouble locating this email.

Click here for additional information and registration.


Want more education opportunites?

Check out NCSEA's calendar of national webinars, other SEA's events, and seminar events: http://www.ncsea.com/


Featured Event: Sustainable Design & Embodied Carbon: What Structural Engineers Need to Know 

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Committee Updates

SE Licensing 

  • The PELS Board stated they will publish a notice when they have processed all affidavits in their possession, along with a process for contacting the PELS Board if an applicant believes their status to be in error, as well as a hard deadline for this process to be completed. SEAOG has not seen anything posted on the PELS website to date.
  • Documents for Designated Structures* should be signed with an SE seal/stamp. Active SE license holders can have SE seals/stamps created per the published guidelines by similar means as their PE seals/stamps.
  • Documents for non-Designated Structures* can be sealed with either a Georgia PE or Georgia SE stamp, unless otherwise required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. 


SE3 Chair: Katy Charvin, [email protected]

SEAOG's Structural Engineering Equity and Engagement (SE3) committee is excited to launch our first Mentorship Program. National surveys of Structural Engineers have repeatedly found that respondents with identified mentors reported being more satisfied with career trajectory and career choice. Our goal is to provide members with support for every level of their career by offering opportunities to connect with other structural engineering professionals. Based on interest, participants may be assigned to small groups of 3-4 for mutual mentorship, or paired in a traditional mentor-mentee partnership.

Sign up here: https://seaog.org/se3


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The Young Members Group (YMG) publishes a separate newsletter with their events. To be added to this distribution list, contact [email protected]

View the latest here: https://seaog.org/Young_Members_Group

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