About Us

The Structural Emgineers Association of Georgia (SEAOG) is a group of Structural Engineers who have joined together to promote our profession, improve the level of knowledge and practice of the structural engineering profession in Georgia and to provide an identifiable resource to those needing communication with the profession. SEAOG has established liasons within the state and national design and construction community and serves as a resource to the community and the public. Our key constituencies are:

  • Architects and Architectural Firms
  • Building Code and Enforcement Authorities
  • Owners and Developers
  • Public Building Agencies
  • Disaster Response Organizations
  • Licensing and Registration Boards
  • Georgia General Assembly and Regulatory Agencies
  • Other Professional and Trade Organizations
  • Other Engineering Societies

For convenience, we are organized into two chapters, one representing sturctural engiineers in the metropolitan Atlanta area, and another chapter representing members in the Savannah area.

The Association is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization in the State of Georgia. Governance is vested in a Board of Directors in accordance with our articles of incorporation and By-Laws. SEAOG's day-to-day functions and services are under the care of an Executive Director. In addition, there are various standing committees and ad hoc committees that focus on specific, recurring, and non-recurring matters of concern to our profession and/or the Association. 

SEAOG sponsors professional seminars, webinars and other presentations to help keep members of our profession up to date and fully aware of the latest news and design techniques in our profession. Our "Find an Engineer" service provides a mechanism by which we make our professional knowledge available to the general public; participation is a volunteer activity for our members.