Membership in the Association is open to individuals who practice or who have a vital interest in the profession of Structural Engineering. All members of the Association shall be of good character and reputation.

The benefits of SEAOG membership:

  • Being part of a dedicated engineering group that seeks to introduce and influence meaningful changes in building codes, model codes and state legislations. SEAOG is an accredited member of the Georgia Engineering Alliance. 

  • Access to timely and affordable seminars and training, thus maintaining currency in structural engineering procedures and practices; obtain important PDH hours much more affordably than through other sources.

  • Having a means to mentor and influence the next generation of structural engineers, as well as providing needed input for today's engineering education.

  • Professional collaboration and social interaction with colleagues in the Georgia structural engineering community who subscribe to the tenets of structural engineering.

  • Receive complimentary subscriptions to Structure Magazine and Georgia Engineer magazines.

  • Membership in our parent organization, the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA)



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There are three classes of membership in the Association: General Membership, Associate Membership, and Affiliate Membership. Membership runs on a fiscal year basis (July 1 through June 30).

• General Membership ($75): General Membership is open to individuals who are registered to practice engineering in the State of Georgia.

• Associate Membership ($37.50): Associate Membership is open to graduates of four-year engineering programs, or to students in such programs who are not yet registered to practice engineering in the State of Georgia.

• Affiliate Membership (75): Affiliate Membership is open to individuals who work in fields affiliated with professional Structural Engineering practice. This includes other design professionals, purchasers of Structural Engineering services, vendors of structural products or services, builders, and others who in the opinion of the executive committee are in a position to advance the professional practice of Structural Engineering.

Membership applications shall be made upon the Association's Membership Application Form. Applications shall be ratified by a majority vote of the executive committee.

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