Students and Educators

Would you like a structural engineer to come speak at your school event? 

Structural Engineers use their knowledge of physics, math, and construction practices to analyze and design beams, columns, and other components of a building’s “skeleton”, ensure a safe, practical, and affordable design that meets both the Owner’s needs and life safety requirements of the Building Code.

SEAOG members are available for:

  • Career Day Events
  • K-12 Hands-on Activities
  • Engineering Class Guest Speakers (K-12 or University)
  • Lessons and Projects that Showcase Your Curriculum Topics in the "Real World"
    • Math
      • Proportions
      • Limits
      • Solving Single Variable Equations
      • Solving Systems of Equations
      • Matrices
    • Physics
      • Static Equilibrium
      • Free-body Diagrams
      • Resultant Forces
  • Job Shadowing Opportunities
  • Career Mentoring


Contact us at [email protected] to discuss more.