Mary Shinners, P.E. 

Past Chair
Brian Adorno, P.E., S.E.

Digital Media
Sarah Scarborough, P.E., S.E.
Stephen Richards, P.E., S.E.
Outreach & Community Service
Luke Reeve

Jonathan Colebrook, E.I.T  
Continuing Education
Aaron Coonley, P.E.

Business Development 
Francesca Ferrero, P.E., LEED® GA 

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Young Members Group

The Young Members Group (YMG) is a free organization of SEAOG members and non-members, licensed and unlicensed practicing structural engineers, who consider themselves to be early in their respective careers. Our mission is to encourage recent graduates to become involved in SEAOG through:

  • social/networking happy hours for younger members to get to know each other before official SEAOG meetings;
  • separate YMG meetings where guest speakers cover fundamental structural engineering concepts;
  • roundtable discussions about design issues;
  • outreach/networking with K-12 students, colleges, and other industry groups (such as the AIA's Young Architects Forum).

upcoming events

Post Installed Anchors in the Wild - Event Postponed 

Date: TBD

Location: Simpson Warehouse, 1285 Field Pkwy, Marietta, GA, 30066

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm practice installing post installed anchors, pull test and dinner; 7:30pm-8:30pm happy hour


Wedge anchor? Screw anchor? Adhesive anchor? Why not all 3! Simpson and SEAOG YMG invite you to come to the Simpson Warehouse to see how to properly install a post installed anchor, and then you will get an opportunity to try to install one (while eating complimentary dinner). After that, we will be doing a pull test to see how the actual capacity compares to the published value, and ACI post installed anchor design. Lastly, we will have a happy hour celebrating whoever has the closest estimate to the actual pull test capacity. Please RSVP at the link below. If you have never installed a post installed anchor, you would be a fool to miss out on this great opportunity!


Click here to RSVP for Post Installed Anchors in the Wild!


October 2019 | Ask Me Anything Roundtable

On Thursday October 3, SEAOG YMG hosted a round table “Ask Me Anything” event with four Atlanta structural engineering principals and associates. The panelists included Matt Breidenthal (HOK), Chad Forster (PES Structural Engineers), Merissa Gamba (Uzun+Case), and Darien Sykes (Sykes Consulting). The event was moderated by SEAOG YMG board member Francesca Ferrero, who kicked it off with a round of flash questions to get to know the backgrounds and daily responsibilities of the panelists. After the flash question round, questions opened up to the floor and no topics were off limits. We investigated every end of the engineering principal spectrum; from the most dramatic situation the panelists had encountered in their careers to the skills and traits they look for when looking for new partners in their firms. We learned about the dynamic between partners, the distinction between urgent and important items, and the responsibilities you don’t often think of that occupy a large portion of time during the work week. Being a structural engineering partner is a career and not just a job. The event shared insight into what life is like as a structural engineering principal and what traits, and sacrifices, have made them successful. A big thank you again to Matt, Chad, Merissa, and Darien for spending their Thursday evening with the SEAOG Young Members Group!


September 2019 | SEAOG YMG NCSEA Young Member Group of the Year Finalist

The SEAOG Young Members Group has been selected as one of five finalists for the NCSEA Young Member Group of the Year Award! The winner will be announced this November at the 2019 NCSEA Annual Summit in Anaheim, CA. Thank you to all members who participated in the variety of events SEAOG YMG hosted this past year!


July 2019 | SE Exam Panel Night
The SEAOG YMG hosted the annual YMG PE/SE Roundtable in July to discuss advice, tips, and cautionary tales about the 16-hour SE exam with young engineers. The session was moderated by former panelists Sarah Scarborough P.E., S.E. and Brian Adorno, P.E., S.E. who will be presenting a similar session this November at the NCSEA Structural Engineering Summit. Recent Georgia PEs Francesca Ferrero, Aaron Coonley, Anthony Consunji, and Sean Dotson served on the panel answering questions left and right about the SE exam process. The discussion was chock-full of helpful information on every topic, including applying to the state board, study tactics, reference materials, test-taking strategies, and more. Thanks to all who participated in another great SE Exam discussion and good luck to everyone preparing for the exam!