Standing Committees

SEER Committee

The SEER Committee of SEAOG was formed to serve society and offer training and organizational coordination of professionals related to emergency response and natural disasters. We are a volunteer group, with membership drawn primarily from professional engineers in Georgia. 

The SEER Committee seeks to improve the level of knowledge of professionals in Georgia interested in emergency response. The Committee will be a resource to those needing professional engineering assistance in a natural disaster/emergency. The SEER Committee of SEAOG will establish and maintain liaisons with appropriate state and national agencies and stand ready as a resource to assist the public in their time of need.

SEER Chair - Rahul Desai

SE Licensing Committee

To facillitate the creation of a separate "Professional Structural Engineer" license in the State of Georgia to reflect the increased requirements for examination.

SE Licensing Chair - Michael Planer

Programs Committee

Research and develop suggestions for topics and speakers for regular membership meetings and seminars, submit these suggestions to the SEAOG board and assist in organizing and staffing these gatherings as needed.

Programs Chair - Sarah Scarborough

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee aims to both build public awareness of the structural engineering profession and establish SEAOG as the local voice of the structural
engineering profession.

Publicity Chair - Angelina Stasulis

Board of Registration

Board of Registration Chair - Darien Sykes

GEA Board/Legislative Council

Council Chair - Philip Hatcher

Structural Engineering Engagement and Equity (SE3) Committee
Chair - Katy Charvin

The Structural Engineering Engagement and Equity (SE3) Committee's mission is to promote engagement and equity in the structural engineering profession throughout the state of Georgia. Through community events, establishing a professional mentoring program, and disseminating information regarding firm best practices based on survey findings the committee aims to help create an equitable and rewarding environment within the structural engineering profession.