Info About Georgia's SE License

12/22/2020: The PELS Board has published an update/affidavit on their website  The PELS Board, not SEAOG, is responsible for creation, distribution, or processing of the affidavit/SE License. SEAOG has updated our flowchart and FAQ to match the new affidavit.

Georgia's Board of Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors (commonly known as the "PELS Board") is responsible for setting standards for professional engineering and land surveying licensure in the state of Georgia. They "review applications, administer examinations, license qualified applicants, and regulate the professional practice of licensees throughout the state" (per Board website). 

SB 310, signed into law by Governor Kemp this summer, created a new license: Professional Structural Engineer (SE). Beginning on January 1, 2021, any plans for “Designated Structures*” in the state of Georgia must be signed and sealed by a Professional Structural Engineer.

Professional Structural Engineer licenses are issued by the PELS Board. Individuals wishing to obtain an SE license must meet the requirements of the PELS Board and submit an application directly to the PELS Board. 

*For a complete definition of “Designated Structures” see Rule 180.2-.04 in the Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia


As a professional service, SEAOG has authored several documents intended to assist the structural engineering community with navigating this new law. These documents represent SEAOG's best understanding. The PELS Board, its Rules and Regulations, and Georgia law are the governing authorities regarding the requirements, implementation, and impact of SE Licensure within the state. 

Georgia's New SE License: A Primer This document introduces the concept of professional licensure, describes the current state of engineering licensure in Georgia, explains the new law's impact, and provides information regarding the process for obtaining an SE license.

SE License FAQ This list of FAQ is based on the panel discussion SEAOG hosted in September 2020, with representatives from SEAOG's SE Licensure Committee, ACEC-GA's Political Action Team, and the PELS Board.